About Marguerite Defrance


Marguerite Defrance is a real estate professional known for her diplomacy, diligence and integrity. Her passion for excellence has been a lifelong pursuit that Marguerite has cultivated across the continents, a superior education, and an impressive 20­year career in marketing, sales and art design.

“I believe that being open minded and adaptive creates opportunities to succeed in any circumstance,” explains Marguerite. “It’s a commitment that forces you to think beyond your comfort zone and keep developing additional skills to rise to new challenges... and that’s part of what makes real estate so rewarding.”

This mindset has leaded her to continually improve her expertise. She received specialized training and passed two more national certifications, PSA - Pricing Strategy Advisor- and RSPS - Resort and Second-home Property Specialist.  She has the ability to understand positively American and international buyers and sellers’ real estate needs.

She was recognized by her company for being one of the top real estate professionals in 2016.

As president of Studio MDF In Paris, her company designed marketing tools and advertisements for international clients.
Licensed pilot, she explored Florida from the air with her husband and moved to South Florida in 2005. They started the citizenship process in 2008, and happily became American citizens in 2014. 

Marguerite focuses especially on luxury water view properties. She joined EWM Realty International, a famous Christie's exclusive affiliate, belonging to the Leading Real Estate Companies group, an American leader with 27% of US market. With 130,000 agents within the group, all the connections that are necessary for the purchase, sale of residential or commercial real estate is present, insuring the best quality of service for the public.

Marguerite is fluent in English and French. She has studied German and Latin.
Passionate in nature and art, she is a painter, piano player, gourmet chef and walker.

"In order to paint a house you need to understand its body like a human person, with his shape, style, color and personality. To paint houses improves terrifically your ability to understand the real estate" she said.


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1 ITALY Ca Dario, Venice - Studio painting, o
il on canvas 36x48 inches 2 FLORIDA Royal Palms At Bonnet House - Plein air painting, oil painting on canvas 36x48 inches 
3 FRANCE Dinard - Plein air painting, oil painting on canvas 23x32 inches